Open RAN (O-RAN)

Open RAN Overview

Open RAN is a recent trend in the telecommunications market (especially in the 5G area), aiming at the realization of the following key objectives:

  • splitting of a base station into several functional components, including central unit (CU), distributed unit (DU), and a remote unit (RU);
  • opening interfaces to enable interoperability (especially Open Fronthaul);
  • disaggregating software from hardware in the RAN domain;
  • introducing advanced automation into the RAN system by means of an abstracted entity to manage the radio networks, i.e. RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC) which serves as a platform for xApps (optimization applications in the RAN domain) and rApps (optimization applications in the management plane) using AI/ML.

Rimedo Labs contribute to the Open RAN topic in the following ways:

  • xApp/rApp developments (RRM/SON algorithms design) – see our products below;
  • live and pre-recorded training delivery – see the agenda of O-RAN System Training here;
  • active contribution to SD-RAN project as an ONF Member – read more here: Rimedo Labs to Integrate and Open Source TS xApp with ONF’s SD-RAN;
  • active contribution to Open RAN standardization as an O-RAN Alliance member – focusing on WG3 (Near-RT RIC and xApps) and WG1 (use cases) activities;
  • delivering free and paid webinars – watch some on our youtube channel;
  • content production in the form of blogs and whitepapers.

Below you can find out about our services, products, and technical content related to Open RAN, which you can read, watch and download.

Note: you may find various terms related to Open RAN in the literature. „Open RAN” is used to refer to the overall movement of opening up the RAN by disaggregating hardware and software and creating open interfaces between them. The term „OpenRAN” is used by Telecom Infra Project. „O-RAN” with a hyphen is used by the O-RAN Alliance. „ORAN” is typically just used as a hashtag.

O-RAN Services

Our services in the Open RAN area include:

Why Us?

O-RAN Products

Below you can find details about our O-RAN software development. The product portfolio covers xApps for the Near-RT RIC.

O-RAN Resources

Below we gathered the technical content, we produce on a daily basis, all related to Open RAN topic, so that you have a single point of reference for our work.
You can find whitepapers, posters, blog articles, videos and slide-decks.

O-RAN Materials

Here you can find our recent downloadable items, like research paper, whitepaper and A3 poster. You can also find out about our O-RAN System Training and download the agenda.

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O-RAN Articles

In this section, we gather all our blog posts related to Open RAN and O-RAN.

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O-RAN as an Enabler for Energy Efficiency in 5G Networks

In this blog post, we provide a general overview of ways to improve EE in contemporary mobile networks. This is followed up by some representative examples of algorithms aiming at EE optimization at different levels, with a focus on the utilization of ML techniques. We then put it in the context of O-RAN where the deployment of EE-focused aspects and algorithms is discussed.
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RAN openness and intelligence for 5G/6G security

When it comes to the security of 5G networks, most of the attention of researchers, engineers, and practitioners are focused on cybersecurity, although attacks on the software itself are not the only problem. This blog post discusses RAN-related aspects for 5G/6G security including architecture-related risks, cybersecurity best practices, MEC, and O-RAN security opportunities.
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Policy-based Traffic Steering xApp implementation within O-RAN

In this post we dig into the technical details of the Traffic Steering xApp implementation using A1 Policy Control on ONF's SD-RAN. We discuss the concept, triggers, implementation details and example operation along with a demo video.
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O-RAN Videos

In this section, we gathered the videos from webinars and events, in which we participated related to the Open RAN / O-RAN topic.

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O-RAN Architecture and RIC

In this webinar, we cover the following topics:
✔︎ O-RAN architecture and deployment options
✔︎ RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC)
✔︎ Near-RT RIC and E2
✔︎ Non-RT RIC and A1

5G, Private Networks, and Open RAN

In this webinar, we will cover the following topics:
✔︎ Mobile wireless systems evolution
✔︎ 5G overview & 5G complexity
✔︎ Private mobile networks
✔︎ From RAN to O-RAN transition

O-RAN Architecture and Use Cases

In this webinar, we cover the following topics:
✔︎ O-RAN Architecture
✔︎ RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC)
✔︎ O-RAN Use Cases
✔︎ Traffic Steering Use Case

O-RAN Traffic Steering xApp Implementation 

In this webinar, we cover the following topics:
✔︎ Review of the O-RAN and ONF’s SD-RAN architecture
✔︎ O-RAN use cases analysis
✔︎ Traffic Steering use case – rationale and performance analysis
✔︎ SD-RAN based implementation – Live lab

O-RAN Slide-decks

Here you can find slide-decks for presentations related to O-RAN. Some of them come from our public speeches or webinars, while others are collection of material we wanted to share with you.

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