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Content Delivery

Wireless Content Delivery

Do you want to deliver a training, but don’t have time to develop materials? Do you need details on a specific technical feature to accompany it with your new product brochure? Do you need an insight onto new wireless technology and don’t have resources at your company? Are you looking for a co-author to your book?

We provide technical contents for external training or consultancy companies in the form of training materials, technical documents, dedicated research papers, books or reports. The material can be developed for the insights onto a specific feature or aspect within wireless systems area. We are also developing written materials on request for specific topic including LTE, 5G and beyond, Wi-Fi, IoT, shared spectrum, AI, etc.

Content formats

We offer the following forms of the content:

Why us?

We provide high quality technical materials due to the following experience:

How we work?

By proper iterations and feedback and taking care of the details, we make sure that the customer gets high quality material.

Requirements gathering

Discussion with the customer to obtain all required information and analysis of the requirements including the form, contents, and technical depth level.

Shall you need a dedicated research paper, whitepaper? Do you need a coauthor to your book? Do you need technical contents to your training?

Contact us to discuss your requirements

Content production

We deliver the materials in several iterations: 1) Providing ToC and sample material, 2) Providing Draft, 3) Providing pre-final version for approval, 4) Providing final version for polishing

Go through the "About Us" and Blog section on our web to check out our publications.

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Feedback and quality check

We make sure you have all the required information to use the provided material in the form you wanted.

Ask any question related to the deliverable you got, to make sure we understand each other and verify if what was intended is what is delivered.

Contact us to discuss your delivery.
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