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RIMEDO Labs joins the ONF to collaborate on the O-RAN compliant RIC


RIMEDO Labs joins the ONF SD-RAN project

RIMEDO Labs, a spinoff from the Poznan University of Technology in Poland, providing high quality consulting, implementation and R&D services in the field of modern wireless systems (5G, 6G, IoT, O-RAN), has joined the Open Networking Foundation (ONF), a non-profit operator-led consortium driving the transformation of access and edge network infrastructure and business models leveraging network disaggregation, open-source software, and software-defined standards. As a member of the ONF, RIMEDO Labs joins the Software-Defined Radio Access Network (SD-RAN™) project community comprised of leading operators and technology companies focusing on building open-source components for the Open RAN space in compliance with the O-RAN Alliance’s architecture and specifications. The key element of the SD-RAN project is the development of an open-source near-Real-Time RAN Intelligent Controller (nRT-RIC) along with a set of exemplar xApps for controlling the RAN.

RIMEDO Labs is a company co-founded by employees of the Poznan University of Technology to provide consulting and implementation services in the field of modern wireless solutions. The know-how constituting the subject of cooperation was developed by the team of the Institute of Radiocommunications in many years of scientific activity conducted at the university and supported by numerous, mainly international projects with major business partners worldwide. RIMEDO Labs in their plans aim on developing a product that uses know-how for applications in virtualized base stations and focuses on developments of RRM algorithms including traffic steering, interference management, spectrum management, and alike, which are to be implemented in the form of xApps within the O-RAN framework.

“We welcome RIMEDO to the growing SD-RAN ecosystem,” said Timon Sloane, Vice President Marketing and Ecosystem for ONF. “SD-RAN project is fostering the availability of open multivendor RAN solutions to catalyze innovation across the RAN ecosystem, and in so doing is creating opportunities for innovative vendors to build xApps to bring novel and transformative functionality to the RAN.”

“ONF is recognized as one of the leaders in the open-source software community for software-defined networking and recently also mobile telecommunications. We are excited to join ONF on the SD-RAN project,” said Adrian Kliks, CTO of RIMEDO Labs and assistant professor at Poznan University of Technology, “We are happy to contribute to the ONF community within the O-RAN area and specifically streamline the ideas developed at our partner university and commercialized through RIMEDO Labs to commercial applications through the O-RAN concept.“

About RIMEDO Labs

RIMEDO Labs specializes in providing high-quality and substantive consulting, implementation, and R&D services in the field of modern wireless systems. We implement this through an individual and open approach to the client, constantly improving the team operationally and substantively, updating knowledge and a unique combination of science and business applications. RIMEDO Labs is a spin-off from the Poznan University of Technology, Poland from the Institute of Radiocommunications. In addition to the industrial and implementation projects using a licensed know-how solution in the field of effective allocation of resources in wireless networks, RIMEDO Labs also provides consulting and education in the field of O-RAN. The company’s clients and partners are and can be both domestic and foreign entities with various profiles.

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RIMEDO Resources on O-RAN and RIC

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