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5G mmWave Webinar Summary


First Rimedo Labs webinar is the past! On January 16th 2021 webinar on “5G mmWave propagation” was given by Krzysztof Cichon. The webinar was hosted by Russell Lundberg of CafeTele platform. More than 400 people attended! Below you can find a quick summary of the event.

mmWave content

During the talk, it was explained what is the difference between currently used “sub-6 GHz waves” and mmWaves introduced for providing mobile service within 5G. Among key differences in these bands enhanced path loss was mentioned and antenna arrays as a potential enabler to overcome high path loss in mmWave.

Then, diffraction was analysed, some real-scenario measurements were presented. Also, the ways of dffraction modeling were given and final conclusion the dffraction in mmWave does not kill the link budget drawn.

Then a city in northern Poland was stated as the example of the venue for propagation modeling. City view was compared with point cloud and 25 cm precise digital city model. Then, it was mentioned about ways of modeling mmWave propagation in an urban scenario. Starting from the obsolete Hata model, through newer LOS/NLOS aware path loss models, to ray-tracing based detailed models for precise network planning.

Examples of mmWaves modeling: tl) Hata model, tr) LOS/NLOS aware model, bl) ray-tracing (low level of details), br) ray-tracing (high level of details)

Finally, the world of Artificial Intelligence waiting around the corner was introduced to the world of mmWave modeling. Some use cases have been mentioned including efficient algorithms for base station planning.


In conclusions it was underlined that detailed modeling is particularly important for mmWave. Even more important if foliage attenuation or dense urban scenario is considered. Then, higher precision involves greater computation resources. However, innovation comes unexpectedly. AI is round the corner and may change the game we are playing at!

5G mmWave Recording

Please find the recording below. Do not hesitate to leave comments or questions here or at youtube!


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Author Bio:

Krzysztof Cichoń did his Ph.D. in 2017. Currently, he is an adjunct assistant professor at the Institute of Radiocommunications at Poznan University of Technology in Poland. He has been working with mmWave since 2018. Prior to that, he was working for 2 years for a tier-1 mobile operator in Poland as a wireless planning engineer. In September 2020 he joined the team of RIMEDO Labs, to serve as a consultant and technical trainer.

Contact Krzysztof at:

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